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Monday, May 27, 2024

25 Strengths of Students to Utilize in Your Next Individualized Education Program


Listing a student’s strengths is often the best part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for a parent and the most enjoyable for a teacher. When creating a list of student strengths for your next IEP, it is important to gather information from parents, teachers, and the student. Student strengths start IEPs in a positive way and show parents that the team knows the student well. Here is a list of student strengths to use on your next IEP:

– Student is kind, sweet, caring, etc.
– Student is respectful and responsible.
– Student is a good friend.
– Student shares well with others.
– Student helps friends in need.
– Student makes others feel welcome in the classroom.
– Student is a leader.
– Student is organized.
– Student is able to problem solve well.
– Student enjoys…

– Student takes and applies feedback well.
– Student is actively engaged in classroom discussions.
– Student helps in the classroom.
– Student looks to peers to help follow directions when needed.
– Student follows classroom routines independently.
– Student follows classroom rules and expectations.
– Student uses the calm down corner when needed.
– Student asks for help independently and appropriately.
– Student shares thoughts and ideas with the class.
– Student starts work tasks independently.

– Interested in (math, reading, writing).
– Enjoys learning about (animals, math, science).
– Student benefits from visual supports.
– Advocates for help when needed.
– Student has improved in the area(s) of (reading, speech, fine motor, etc.)

Organizing information for IEPs can be challenging, due to the amount of information that is required and the number of people involved in the process. Using this IEP Planner helps keep input from the team organized. Developing a list of specific student strengths for each IEP is a vital part of the process. Using the IEP planner keeps you organized when collaborating with all IEP team members. Happy planning!

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